Il y a quelque chose dans l’air

Hmm, dans un effort pour être plus vert, l’arrondissement de Verdun a décidé d’interdire la mise en place de nouveaux services à l’auto (les établissements offrant déjà ce service étant grandpérisés). Quoique l’effort semble louable, puisqu’il va forcer les gens à couper leurs moteurs et se stationner, cela me semble qu’une goutte dans l’océan. Il serait diantrement plus intéressant de plancher sur des idées afin de faire en sorte que le déplacement en voiture ne soit qu’une option de pure nécessité, ce n’est pas avec de très petits gestes comme cela que l’on peut endiguer le problème.


Le cocktail météo des derniers jours m’a incité à limiter mes opportunités de collecte de données. Je me suis donc rabattu sur le Web pour l’inspiration. J’ai longtemps hésité entre 2 sujets, soit la récente épidémie de fièvre Zika et l’investiture Républicaine en Iowa. J’ai décidé de me concentrer sur celle ayant le moins de risque envers l’Humanité. :-)

Ce qui semble avoir commencé au Brésil (quoique que certaines personnes semblent faire porter le blâme sur des visiteurs de la Polynésie Française à la Coupe du Monde de Football semble être une autre épidémie qui se répand comme une trainée de poudre dans le monde, conséquence de la facilité que les gens peuvent se déplacer.

Bien que le risque est moins élevé (mis à part pour les femmes enceintes, et encore là, il semble que l’on reste au niveau anecdotique) que par exemple les vagues de grippes aviaires, MERS et autres SARS mais le risque d’une pandémie est toujours présent et on semble être impuissant à la stopper.

Une des raisons que j’ai décidé de choisir ceci comme inspiration possible et que je suis fasciné à essayer d’extrapoler comment une pandémie pourrait se répandre dans un monde où (en utilisant les préceptes de base de Donjons et Dragons comme point de départ), le voyage de masses de gens est plus difficile mais que la magie peut être un facteur, autant pour la propagation que la guérison. Peut-être en effectuant quelque recherche sur la Peste. De quoi me mettre pleinement dans l’esprit alors que je visite un des pays touché…

Soul Of The HarvestToday’s MtG Tarot is SOUL OF THE HARVEST

Feels like: Creative

Playing on CJFL: Pillowtalk – Zayn

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Mashing the Buttons


i went to visit my mother and had to check her locker as she needed a few stuff on storage for our upcoming trip. Imagine my surprise to see that not only the padlock that was installed was gone and replaced by a pair of plastic tie wraps. When my mother called the business manager to find out whether he knew anything about this.

He was in fact the one who had installed this as he came in one night last summer to see the door was ajar and he put that thinking the owner would contact him (never mind that a) there was no note asking him to contact him and b) he could have very well check in theirs fils to see who owned that particular locker).

That would have been bothersome but he then mentioned that there had been a rash of breakins. It’s then I realized something was missing. I then went to check in again and saw that my beloved bike has gone AWOL.What is more frustrating is that at no time there was any announcement on that subject, when last winter they made a big deal of someone kicking the garage doors. Sigh! I’m not even mad, I’m just flabbergasted by the laissez-faire attitude.

It seems that making yours truly go berserk is the theme of the day as I read a news story that really grinded my gears. It seems that another keyboard lynch mob was set up to try and shame the Café Replika for being supposedly against kids. It seems that the owner might have reacted a bit harshly and thrown out a couple and their kids when the 4-month-old toddler had spilled a cup of hot liquid while being left unattended (this is the parents’ testimony, so basically it sounds the couple is in the wrong but hey….) So people, only catching the “thrown out because of kids” part of this, have gone on Social Media to give low ratings.

I’m always amazed to see people acting on second-hand (or third or fourth…) account and acting all superior. For myself, I always based my judgements solely on personal experiences – and tend to shy away from critics, both expert and amateur… Seriously, this is the kind of thing that makes me read the comments section only for a chuckle…

RoastANGER_RenderToday’s MtG Tarot is ROAST More like that Anger guy from Inside Out

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Gimme Shelter

During the week, I tend to leave home around the same time (5:30AM) in order to catch the first Métro to the office and that provides me with enough of a buffer in the worst case scenario that the subway is down and I have to use the bus (which takes a more “panoramic” route). Besides, I prefer to kill Time while already at work than lounging at home and risk being trumped by a service breakdown…

Having said that, there’s the rare occasion where I’ll leave a bit later. And it seems that I stumble into some weird reality every time this happens, The previous time, I entered the elevator only to see a guy standing on a “hoverboard”, the weirdly-named evolution of a Segway. And yesterday, I stumbled upon a homeless guy sleeping in the entry hall. It felt kind of weird to see this and sure enough this morning, leaving at my regular time, I saw nothing out of the ordinary

In a little bit of related news, it seems that La Cité is taking the fact that the influx of Syrian refugees being a trickle of what was expected to set up a more permanent structure in order to accompany migrants upon their arrival in our fair city. By building what was jury-rigged when the announcement was first made, a structure will be set up help them settle down, find lodging and employment.

I think it’s a good initiative and having the luxury to do this now may reap dividends in the future.

Heartlash CinderToday’s MtG Tarot is HEARTLASH CINDER Now, this is a shocking development. Hope it won’t mean I’m getting whipped at this week’s “team meeting”. Ugh!

Feels like: Working

Playing on CJFL: Hotline Bling – Drake (I’ve finally decided to use the Stingray app on my cellphone for my music inspiration as I managed to find a way to more of less personalize its offerings. That means you can probably expect some K-pop / K-rock in the future…)

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Promenade Arctique

La seule chose qui brise le silence est le bruit de mes pas brisant la neige. Le froid ne me dérange plus, j’en suis venu maintenant à apprécier sa caresse sur mon visage, seul signe que je suis encore en vie car tout autour de moi, il n’y a qu’une étendue blanche.

De temps en temps, je lève mes yeux vers le ciel, faisant bien attention de ne pas regarder le soleil directement et risquer d’être aveuglé. Malgré tout, je ne peux m’empêcher d’être hypnotisé par le ciel bleuté.

Rien à l’horizon… Que du Bleu et du Blanc…

…les quelques gouttes rouge de mon sang qui se répand…

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Random encounters – roll twice and combine results

Well, I was finally to run the gauntlet on the RPG front and managed to visit 4 out of the 5 main sources in La Cité. Time (and Cloud-9 related errands only prevented me from using the fifth but still…) Nothing new, unless you count a resurgence of 4th Edition D&D books as more than an anomaly  Despite this relative smorgasbord, I decided to stick with mundane sources.

cover-idmm-0329-hr_1450362195_225xI decided to browse Home Interest magazines as the new year is always a time to read about new trends, Luck or is the Fates guided my hand towards one of BigMediaCo‘s offerings, Les Idées de Ma Maison. From the year’s “in” colours (apparently white and light green are making a comeback) to the whole “industrial” look,all good sources of inspiration – despite using a Fantasy background, looking at things like these is sometimes useful to help visualize.

Speaking of alternate sources of inspiration, I got involved in 2 (and a half) conversation which sparked interesting thought exercises.  First the half-conversation as my boss told me out of the blue that while speaking with the director, they came to the conclusion that I was the one who had changed the least since they both started (in the director’s case, that means almost 20 years). I don’t really know how that particular subject came in the conversation! I suppose that they meant physically (although,I’d like to think that mentally I’ve remained pretty much the same) as I have a face that looks younger (maybe not 25 years like I’ve been told a few months ago but still). It’s funny because when I was younger (until high school), I skewed much older as if the fact that I’ve spent my school with classmates 2 years older triggered an early maturing.

aarakathThe second came at work as I received a chat request from an ex-colleague who had been loaned to our department a couple of years back. It seems that she was lonely and just decided to chat me up, just to chew the fat. While we are Facebook “friends”, I can’t say I had much interaction with her, only enough to consider clearly a rung (or 3) above the Horsewomen of Apocalypse in both attitude and skill. While I don’t consider myself the social awkward creature that I was growing up, I still find it weird to have people strike up conversations with me and I have to control myself and not try to find an ulterior motive.

And along the same vein, as I was waiting for the bus near South Shore Comics (on my last RPG-related run of the day), I ended talking with another woman who arrived a couple of minutes after yours truly. While talking about the relatively mild weather (as we had just got a bit of days where the Arctic winds and humidity made us chill to the bone) was not strange. The conversation take a turn towards El Nino and its impact of getting produce, still within the margin of error. Woman going on a tangent saying that seedless fruit is what is wrong with agriculture today (to the point that I asked a couple of times to be sure and yes! She thought it was worse than GMOs, wait, what!!!). If I had came across a flying Athasian bird-man, I would have been just a little less surprised…

Moonwing MothToday’s MtG Tarot is MOONWING MOTH  “Night wings sprinkled with dust…” Well the Full Moon is soon.isn’t it?

Feels like: Hot

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Il y a de ces habitudes que l’on ne perd pas et qui sont toujours plaisantes. Tel un ballet cosmique les 2 planètes que sont l’Afro-Samurai et votre humble serviteur se sont encore croisés dans une rencontre bi-annuelle. L’été, c’est à Fantasia et l’hiver, c’est au Salon de l’Auto. Je dois admettre que je suis toujours surpris quand je parle à bâtons rompus combien nous avons des atomes crochus, comme si on s’était connu dans une autre vie.

Il est rare que nos horaires se coordonnent (quand je ne débarque pas “incognitodans son lieu de travail), mais nous avons pris cette heureuse habitude de se rencontrer face-à-face aux 6 mois, ce qui permet de prendre des nouvelles autre que les banalités habituelles…

Pagani Huayra

Pagani Huayra

Le salon lui-même m’a un peu laissé sur ma faim. Je ne suis (et ne pense pas le devenir) un conducteur, je n’ai même pas mon permis. Par contre, je reste fasciné par le monde des voitures, probablement une osmose causé par les nombreuses visites à des concessionnaires que mon père effectuait la fin de semaine en me trainant. À la maison, je pouvais passer des heures à regarder les brochures et à plancher sur des idées de voiture.

Buick Avenir

Buick Avenir

Je pense que c’est pour cela que ce qui m’attire le plus, ce sont les concepts, ces idées qui essaient de sortir des sentiers battus et qui, peut-être un jour deviendront réalité. Malheureusement, il n’y avait pas grand chose à me mettre sous la dent, avec la Buick Avenir étant le modèle le plus proche à cette idée, mais encore-là, la tendance pour les constructeurs allant vers le terre-à-terre, je ne serai pas surpris de la voir sur les routes avec seulement quelques retouches.

Alors, il me reste à regarder les voitures sport, qui déclenchent dans mon cerveau, un jet d’endorphine comme un réaction primale. Il y avait bien sûr la voiture-phare du salon, la Pagani Huayra, qui bien qu’elle date “déjà” de 2013 a cette fougue qui serait surement apprécié par un des gagnants du Powerball (puisqu’elle coûte la bagatelle de 2 millions de $).


Jaguar Bloodhound

wp-1453373217395.jpgSinon, il y a la Jaguar Bloodhound, avec sa livrée inspirée par la voiture-fusée du même nom. Je dois admettre que depuis la campagne publicitaire de Jaguar au Super Bowl qui montrait les Ben Kingsley, Tom Hiddleston et Mark Strong en méchants British, j’ai toujours un faible pour cette marque et le fait qu’elle ressemble à un Transformer ne me déplait pas.

Et pour terminer, rien de mieux qu,un classique qui ne se démode pas. Un peu déçu, certes, mais en bonne compagnie, cela fait moins mal…



Dagez_jadeToday’s Rune is DAGEZ Dagez means daylight, and represents divine light. This rune generally refers to dawn (the initial sparking of energy) or to midday (the climax of energy). Both dawn and midday are symbolic of change, but unlike the changes in the perpetual circle of the year which are slow and subtle, the changes over a day are much faster and more dramatic. The breaking of a new day is symbolic of the rapid illumination of dismal circumstances, and is suggestive of Satori. Be careful – although this rune generally suggests a positive change, the symbology of a peaking point suggests that there must be a change downward as well. Fortunately for some, this rune is cyclic and irreversible, and so permanence is not promised – the only thing you can be sure of is an exciting ride.

Feels like: Sad

Playing on CJFL: I Guess That’s Why They Call It The Blues – Elton John

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Humpty Dumpty on the wall

Something new on the Ixtapa front as I received a call from my travel agent. It seems that Air Canada has decided to change their plans and will stop servicing the Ixtapa Airport, at least from La Cité. Instead, I’m going to fly with Air Canada Rouge, which is their budget provided. Let’s just say  I’m a little miffed as it’s a downgrade, especially with regards to the amenities on the flight, hopefully, that *may* mean we’ll get some kind of rebate but I’m not holding my breath much on that prospect…

What is more galling is that, it’s not possible to make a comparison between the 2 airlines, because they usually don’t share the same routes and Rouge’s website is not even updated to mention that they provide service to Ixtapa!!! It will be interesting to see whether this will colour (pun intended)

At work, Pestilence seems to be victim once again of either Karma or she was trying for another ploy as she took a nasty spill in the 3 steps when she went to get her morning coffee at the small café downstairs Monday morning. While she took the rest of the day off, she was back the next day, to the team’s and our boss’ surprise (as she already reassigned the projects she was currently assigned on)

It’s really hard to untangle what is true and what is fiction in her case, especially as she was complaining the bosses were on her case, given her *surprise, surprise* numerous sick days and other work-related failings. So the timing was suspect. But given how she almost got caught for fraud for her “car accident”, I suppose that she didn’t want to risk it. It will be interesting to see whether she’ll try to milk this problem in the future to justify her upcoming absences…

Heroes for HireToday’s Super-Hero Tarot is HEROES-FOR-HIRE Either the Fates are forecasting a career change for yours truly, or maybe I need to rely on outside help to solve my troubles?

Feels like: Pessimistic

Playing on CJFL: Cake By The Ocean – DNCE (…but the Cake is a lie)


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