Underground surprises

It seems that another area of La Cité is living on “cursed” ground, as it were, as some building owners in the Sainte-Marie neighbourhood of the Ville-Marie borough have recently found out that they are living on contaminated grounds, which surprisingly even previous soil analysis had not found out.

It seems that in the early 20th area, the area was home to among other things 2 brickworks and a clay quarry, either producing a large amount of debris that had not been cleared out when residential buildings were constructed in the area. While some contamination had been found in communal gardens in the adjacent Baldwin Park, the surrounding residential areas had never been considered at risk, most probably because the existence of the quarry was not common knowledge. So, once again you have owners with land they cannot sale as banks will not finance the purchase of contaminated ground, so unless they pay out of their own pockets to have the grounds cleaned out, they are stuck with lame ducks.

1907 Montreal Map

1907 Map of De Lorimier , in blue is the area which was turned into a park

In Search of the TrollslayerWhile on the subject of underground exploration, I did come across an intriguing source RPG-wise. “In Search of the Trollslayer” is an adventure for Chaosium’s Basic Role-Playing System, a stripped-down version of the crunch used in Call of Chtulhu  and Runequest.

When the blurb on the back cover specifically calls out a “beer-and-pretzel” game, the bar for my expectations is pretty low. To be honest, I think I found a better plot the last time I played Talisman (mind you, it was with Ed Greenwood, but still).

Still, deep inside the clichés, there just might be some worthwhile nugget…



Speaking of clichés, I needed to remind my boss that I’m away next week. Unsurprisingly*



Waking NightmareToday’s MtG Tarot is WAKING NIGHTMARE *No, I wasn’t in bed when this happened…

Feels like:Indescribable

Playing on CJFL:Nous Autres – 2 Frêres

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Un chasseur sachant chasser

Recherché ???

Recherché ???

Toujours fasciné à lire les péripéties de mes congénères de La Cité. Prenez cette histoire d’un promeneur dans le parc de la Pointe-aux-Prairies, situé sur la pointe est de l’île de Montréal, qui est tombé nez-à-nez avec un “chasseur” qui se promenait avec une arbalète, probablement à la chasse aux cerfs de Virginie qui résident dans le parc.

Selon l’article, Il semble que c’est le second incident en moins d’une semaine car des policiers avaient interceptés un groupe de chasseurs, aussi armés d’arbalètes, quelques jours auparavant, mais leur donnant simplement un avertissement. Je généralise, mais ils ne semblent pas avoir cette même retenue envers les manifestants.

Passe encore que la chasse est interdite sur l’ensemble du territoire de la Ville de Montréal, il me semble quand même que des hommes armés qui se promènent dans un parc où des gens comme vous et moi peuvent se retrouver devraient être mis à l’amende au minimum…

Ruin GhostToday’s MtG Taror is RUIN GHOST

Feels like: Giddy

Playing on CJFL: Prokofieff: Piano Concerto No.2 in G Minor Op.16 – Sergei Prokofieff

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Hit Pause and take a breather

Can’t say I’m not glad the week-end is upon us. The more the week advanced, the more I was looking for something to pick and throw at my colleagues. Seriously, sometimes it’s easier to wear the mask of “Mr. Don’t give a damn” but sometimes the constant yapping has a way to sticks into one’s craw. One more week and I’ll have the luxury of taking a couple of days off. The odds of going away from La Cité have dropped significantly but one never knows.

Les Terres de Lovecraft_ArkhamAdd the fact that Fall weather is now here to stay – although it seems that Joaquin will not grace out with its presence, no that there’s nothing wrong with that and I have to admit that my week has not as fruitful as I would have liked on the data gathering front. I did manage to get my hands on the French translation of the Arkham Unveiled sourcebook for Call of Cthulhu RPG.

I have to admit that I have always been fascinated by the whole concept of what has become to be known as Lovecraft Country, in homage to HP Lovecraft. In fact, When I sometimes like to take a page out of how the Ravenloft campaign setting was set up, and turn the United States and Canada into a series of domains, where Massachusetts would become home of the Old Ones, Maine, would be home to Stephen King’s shenanigans, and either New Orleans or La Cité (as per Vampire: The Masquerade canon) could fill in as home of the vamps…

I did find an unexpected source of inspiration at work away from the Scions of the Apocalypse, as I got my hands o both new Nexus (Nexii ???) phones. Have to admit that, while they look like nice phones (especially the Huawei 6P), I’m quite content with my Nexus 6 and not that eager to trade up. Add the fact that Tesla announced their new Model X SUV and this week felt like a cornucopia for gadget lovers like yours truly.

In order news, I finally started something that was on the backburner for a long time. After the Invasion Cocktail event, I had vowed to return to some of the spots I had discovered to look at them in a more relaxed setting. Unfortunately, I always had to postpone my visits, something I will start to remedy, especially with my week off. Besides, with all the closings (and near-misses) going on in La Cité’s bar scene, I might need to find some new drinking spots. </gallows>

So first is the Rosewood, which I had visited at the same time of dearly departed Spirit House (come to think of it, the third place I had visited, Le Mal Nécesssaire, had permit troubles also). i was surprised to see that the place was empty during Happy Hour on a Thursday, but it was a good excuse to chat up the bartender who told me that, Tuesdays nights are the best bet to visit as they have live shows, Something to look forward, especially given the fact that it’s close to work.

Cherry PoppinsAnanas TorchéFirst, I tried the Cherry Poppins, Jim Beam, Cherry & Thai Basil Syrup, Lime juice, Cherry Bitter and freshly ground Black Pepper, I really like how the bite of the pepper plays out with the tartiness of the cherries and despite the fact that it felt like a Summer drink, on this bright and sunny Fall evening, it felt just right.

The same could not be said about my second pick, L’Ananas Torché (Torched Pineapple), while I can understand the logistics behind it, the grilled pineapple chunk had probably been done earlier (or was it the day before?) and felt almost like it had been candied. It distracted from the mix of Bacardi Superior, Cinnamon syrup, Lime juice and Mint leaves. To be honest, had they used fresh Pineapple juice instead of this sad little piece of fruit, it would probably have made a much better drink. As a matter of fact, I might try this at home next time I get my hands of some President’s Choice Pineapple juice…

Will I return here? Definitely! Next on tap will be the Midway Tavern, As they’ll be hot next week to the Montreal qualifiers for the Made with Love mixology contest, which saw Le Mal Nécessaire’s barman, Romain Cavelier winning the Nationals. My first visit at such an event, can’t wait!!!

Avenger of ZendikarToday’s MtG Tarot is AVENGER OF ZENDIKAR Hmm, sign of a turnaround coming on? I like if!

Feels like: Thankful

Playing on CJFL: Prokofieff: Flute Sonata in D major Op.94 – I. Moderato – Sergei Prokofieff

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Veritech“Commandant Harrison, avez-vous les hostiles en vue?”

“Affirmatif”, je fermais la radio afin d’éviter toutes transactions. Depuis le début de l’alerte alors que la tour de contrôle avaient identifié 4 hostiles (ou du moins, des gens qui refusent de répondre aux demandes d’identification) qui venaient de pénétrer dans notre territoire aérien, l’alerte générale avait été donnée…

Malheureusement, j’étais le seul pilote qui était dans le secteur avec assez de carburant pour lancer la poursuite. En ce jour de Noël, les effectifs sont déjà réduits mais n’ayant pas de plans pour les Fêtes et ayant encore des essais à faire avec le nouveau prototype, j’avais décollé tout juste avant que le blizzard ne tombe sur le secteur.

Malgré le mauvais temps, j’ai été capable de rattraper les intrus qui ne semblent encore réalisé que j’étais à leur poursuite (les avantages d’un avion furtif). Je reste à l’arrière, espérant intercepter leur communication mais sans succès. Tout d’un coup, les 4 chasseurs changent brusquement de direction , se préparant sans doute à passer à l’attaque.

Il n’y a rien aux alentours que des fermes, la plupart abandonnées pendant la saison froide. Malgré tout, je ne prends pas de chances et considérant que leurs intentions sont loin d’être honorables, j’allume mes missiles, apparaissant subitement sur leurs arrières tel un esprit vengeur. Comme des coquerelles à la lumière, ils se précipitent chacun dans une direction.

Enfin, une opportunité de tester ce bolide à fond…


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La route panoramique

Passé une bonne partie de la journée à l’extérieur pour faire mes emplettes, mais aussi car j’avais quelques courses à effectuer pour Cloud-9. Au moins, j’ai pu profité du soleil.

J’apprécie le fait que j’ai la grande majorité des dimanches juste pour moi, même si j’ai développé une routine parfaite casanière (café et croissant au pâtissier du coin, épicerie, lessive et ménage), j’ai l’impression quand même de pouvoir relaxer et être moi-même sans artifice, ne serait-ce que pour quelques heures.

Cela n’empêche pas que je déroge de temps en temps – la récolte de données ne peut pas attendre, mais je peux rarement regarder mes dimanches comme étant source de désagréments ou d’embûches. Et mes batteries se rechargent suffisamment pour affronter les écueils de la semaine qui vient.

Ceci étant dit, j’ai pris un *peu* (hum!) de retard dans certains de mes plans, je vais devoir prendre les bouchées doubles dans les prochains jours afin de rattraper le temps perdu.

Mycosynth LatticeToday’s MtG Tarot is MYCOSYTH LATTICE

Feels like: Thoughtful

Playing on CJFL: Savin’ Me – Nickelback

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The Third Degree (but, on what scale?)

First, let me start with yet another personal pet peeve. Headed to the library to pick up a few books, only to be told that 1 book I had reserved was now available, albeit at another branch. What’s funny is that, “supposedly” they had left a message in my voice mail but I had no trace of it. So, had it not been for the fact that I was passing by, I would have probably been passed over. I like the Longueuil library, I really do, but communication is not their strong suit…

At work, while it’s no where near the intensity of Annalise Keating’s class, but it does haves its moments – courtesy of the 4 Horsewomen. Yesterday, Pestilence graced us with her presence after almost 2 days off but she brought her kid to the office (supposedly, because he was sick and couldn’t go to school or some other nonsense – to tell the truth, I rarely heed her justifications as they are most of the time constructs with hardly a shed of truth to them).

She then spent a good part of the morning in yet another disciplinary meeting with our boss, on account of her recent behaviour. Although no action seems to have taken (the absence of any union representative is pretty much a dead giveaway), one would suppose that the heat is turned on, ve-rrrrrrrr-y gradually. As to the immediate fallout of this, Pestilence back her things and left for the day.

I keep thinking of the story of the frog being in a pot of hot water that is heated gradually so that he doesn’t realize he’s being cooked alive. Still, mI wouldn’t mind if the heat was turned just a little more

Energy FluxToday’s MtG Tarot is ENERGY FLUX Ebbs and flows, much like how I feel at the moment…

Feels like: Angry

Playing on CJFL: Don’t Know Why – Norah Jones

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Les petits exils

Une autre histoire qui est difficile à débrouissailler. Il semble que des élèves de première année d’une école du Mile-End (CSDM) pourraient se retrouver forcés de changer d’école. Il y a un système qui permet à des parents de sélectionner une école autre que celle qui la plus proche si leur choix possède des places à combler. Il semble que dans ce cas-ci, on avait sur-estimé le nombre de places disponibles ce qui fait en sorte que 6 élèves de première année se retrouvent en trop.

En conséquence, les parents doivent choisir entre a) changer d’école tout de suite ou b) continuer l’année dans cette école avec le risque qu’ils vont devoir changer d’école l’an prochain, n’ayant aucune garantie (contrairement aux familles qui habituellement bénéficient de cette option ). J’ai été chanceux, ayant seulement eu à changer d’école par obligation pour ma dernière année du primaire, l’école où j’allais étant fermée. Bon j’ai sauté ma première année, ce qui a causé un certain choc mais j’ai survécu sans troubles, enfin je pense…

Ce qui veut dire que je compatis avec le trouble de ces enfants, mais c’est une ligne dans l’article qui m’a fait tiquer alors que l’on mentionnait que certains parents avaient décider de faire le changement pour faciliter leur transport – ce qui suppose que les enfants commencent l’école sans nécessairement être avec leurs voisins…

Wall Of WaterToday’s MtG Tarot is WALL OF WATER

Feels like: Calm

Playing on CJFL:S. O. B. – Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats



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